Sunday, August 9, 2009

the weird thing is that the more eventful/interesting my life gets, the less i update this blog. with stuff happening like crazy, by the time i get to this blog, ive lost the urge to update here. argh!

also this is so not a running blog anymore, though my running has undoubtedly gone to a new level in these past three weeks. my left thigh is still sightly injured. it still hurts when i run. only the first few minutes, though. so its tolerable. i still have yet to buy icyhot. maybe i wont need it anymore.

on friday, i ran to walmart and bought a bike!!! ahhh! it finally happened! ill be riding this bike to class from college to busch next semester. there is just this bliss i know i would get from riding my bike across the river, on route 18 at 8 in the morning. i cant wait! what a great way to start off a day.

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