Sunday, December 27, 2009

the beginning of my much-needed winter break

im le tired. so here are some disorganized thoughts before i go to sleep:
this week: 2 finals, 4 days of work, and i still managed to hung out with people every single day. kudos.
also i started running a lot again. i guess thats what happens when i come back home.
goal: 15 -20 miles every week.
on average, i believed i ran 10-13 miles every week. with 19 credits and work at 6:30am on the weekend, i gave my best.
now that im on break, i really have to make the best of my time and try to get more miles in. fuck the winter weather. give me a long-sleeve shirt, a pair of leg warmers, my shoes and im ready to go.
words cannot express my love for running. people looking in from the outside just dont understand
they say that hobbies cant fulfill you, cant make you whole the way people can. i dont disagree with that.
however, as for me, i know for sure that every minute that i spend running is pure happiness.
its no longer a hobby; its my religion.

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