Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1) I went on a ski trip this past weekend. I was pretty nervous to go at first because I didn't know anyone that was going, and honestly, that was the main reason why I went. I wanted to see what would happen and how I would act in that kind of situation. After all, I really had nothing to lose. It turned out pretty good. Skiing was definitely fun and I have about 20 bruises on me....not that I am scared of pain or something.

2) I was pretty down last semester because I felt like I did nothing besides studying and work. I felt hopeless. I felt like I didn't have time to do anything because I was putting in most of my time studying. Then I had an epiphany sometime in the past two days. I don't have to study all the time to do okay in my classes; I just need to be more efficient. I spent most of my time (80% at least) studying with a group with people from my class last semester. We would meet up at night or after class and study for what it seems like forever. I thought it was great. We helped each other with materials we didn't understand, shared notes, and encouraged each other. The only problem is the group is not efficient. We would spend 12 hours going over one Patho lecture. On days I didn't study with the group, I was able to go over a Patho lecture in 2 hrs and do just as well. So I've decided that I need to break away from the group and study by myself so I have more time to do non-pharmacy related things that I never got to do last semester. Of course, I will still join the group from time to time, but I really cannot afford going over every single detail and spending a weekend on just two lectures anymore. Actually, since last week, I've scheduled two or more social events/recreational class/or whatever a week for me to do. The goal is to reach out more, to do things I didn't get to do last semester, and to see what I can learn from every new activity that I do, every new person that I meet...etc. I hope I will be happier and feel more fulfilled....

3) The third topic I want to talk about is balance. Balance is the key to everything. Without balance, we feel lost, we feel down, we feel like something is wrong. Too much of everything isn't good. Too little of everything is good, also. I am not going to go into specific details about what I have too much or what I am lacking in my life. I just have this one question I keep asking myself, what do I do to get something that I want? The answer used to be, "just go get it." That was my solution to every problem I've had. I went straight to the solution, as aggressively as I possibly could. Now the answer seems blurry as I realized I can't get everything that I want. I keep trying, though. I never gave up. And that's why I love myself, for being persistent. I give myself so much credit for that. Life is a journey, not a destination.

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