Sunday, January 31, 2010

Booty Text

So I received a "booty text" Thursday night. WTF?
This guy on my floor came into my room Tuesday as I was getting ready to go to sleep. He confessed that he likes me. My reaction was like...okay...
Then he asked me to eat dinner with him on Thursday night, which I did. Dinner was okay. Nothing special. I am not into him at all so there wasn't firework or anything crazy like that.
Later that night he came into my room again...we ended up talking for 3 hrs. It was okay. We talked about really random things that I forgot already. He went back to his room at 1:30am. WAYYY past my bedtime.
I received a text at 2am, "So I really want to kiss you."
Me: "I don't know what to say to you...."
Him: "Come to my room."
Me: "....."
Him: " I really want to kiss you."
Me: " I only kiss guys who I like and know very"
Him:" Kissing is part of getting to know someone. I promise it'll be fun"
Me: "Well, I have to go to sleep. Good night."

WTF, why would he think I would kiss him....? Wtf. I know it's just kissing but I even take that seriously. Unless I like a guy very much I wouldn't do it. In fact, I have only kissed/made out with three guys in my life. The first two guys were guys I dated in high school. The last one was well....let's just say I got very drunk the night of Rutgersfest. LOL
I am so mad. Ever since I ended things with my highschool "bittersweet heart",I haven't had any luck with guys that I actually wouldn't mind dating. Granted, there have been a good number of guys that went after me in the past 2 1/2 yrs, I DIDN'T/DON'T LIKE ANY OF THEM, for very good reasons. The attention I received from those guys was more annoying rather than flattering. FML.
Sometimes I think the loneliness is really getting to me because I have been single basically since college. I really miss the feeling of having someone. I miss it so much that...I almost talked to my ex this past week. Now this is very unusual because I am always the one that stops us from talking to each other.
I used to be very happy just being by myself. I did so many things, spent so many days by myself and was completely content. I used to refuse to think about dating and just genuinely wanted to be singe and be left alone. But now I feel like I actually want to be with someone. What happened to Miss Closed-Off???? Because I kind of want to be her again. Yes, that's it. I am going to go back to being Miss Closed-off and Miss I-Hate-All-Men.

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