Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Rutgers,

You have never failed to screw me over. Every year around this time you make me mad, you make me cry, you make me want to slap a hoe. I just don't get this. How did you manage to screw me and my friends over three years in a row??!?!?! HOW???! All I want to do is to live in Richardson with my friends so that I can 1) walk to class in 5 minutes, 2) cook for my friends and myself because I am so amazing at it, 3) enjoy my last year of being an undergraduate with my non-pharmacy friends.
You left me with no choice. Now I am seriously considering being a commuter for the next two years.
Oh well, maybe you are trying to teach me a lesson. Maybe I should see the silver lining in everything. Maybe everything happens for a reason...?
Nah, as much as I try to believe the theory that everything happens for a reason, I don't. I always try to get the best that I can get. I will try my very best a find someone with a good lottery number so my two friends and I can live together, well, my current roommate and I at the very least. I will try to ask as many people as I humanly and socially can. I am signing up for I will do everything within my power. I don't want to commute, even though I live only 20 minutes away.
If everything fails....I know I will still live.
Thanks for giving me wrinkles on my forehead, Rutgers, as if I don't have enough shit to deal with right now. =(
What does not kill me makes me stronger, right?
Lastly, I just want to tell you that I will never donate money to you after I graduate. You don't deserve my money.
-A very disgruntled student

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