Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23, 2009

So I was slacking on Thursday and Friday and didn't run. In my defense, I climbed stairs for like an hour in Thursday and Friday I was showered with good news and so happy that I ....didn't run.

Time: 4 something to 5 something?
Distance: same as Wednesday.

My first race since senior year in high school is exactly two weeks from today. There are two things I need to do for preparation. The first thing is to get up early. I have been getting up around 1pm every day this summer so far. If I were to make it to the race I need to get up around 7, the latest. And everyone who knows me knows that I can't function without a good amount of sleep. So I really need to start sleeping early. The second thing is I need to increase my speed. I have the endurance necessary to finish a 5k, but I am not too confident about how fast I will be. Two weeks should be enough time to make adjustments and see improvements. I am optimistic and certainly very excited.

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