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This post has nothing to do with running, rather I have been thinking a lot about being single. In high school, I was always afraid of being single. I always thought that people who are attached are ought to be happier than those who are single. I believe I was single for maybe 13 months in total in the course of high school. Was I happy? Some of the times. However, being attached had limited me from a lot of things. I had to pay for a lot of them later on. So in college, in the past two years at least, I have been pretty content being single. I enjoyed many aspects of being single. It is truly a worry-free life. I was so content with single that some people thought that I hated all men. The following conversation has taken places multiple times:

Person: "So I have a bf/gf now. How about you?"
Me: "Nah, I am still single."
Person: "Really. Do you like...hate all men or something?"
Me: "Probably."

Truth is, I did hate guys, well, dating guys anyway. I guess I just didn't enjoy going on dates or just getting to know a guy anymore. I didn't bother because I was so jaded, so tired from all the troubles, issues, headaches that could possibly stem from dating/going out/being in a relationship. I even told my mom just to find me whoever when I reach the age to get married, and I will marry him. I am just that lazy to find someone.

However, lately, I have been more optimistic about that. I am starting to see the good in being a relationship. And I actually would not mind dating/going out/being in a relationship anymore. Wow, what a huge change in attitude! Don't get my wrong. I am still somewhat bitter towards guys, I am just LESS bitter.

Despite my more positive attitude towards relationships and just guys in general. I still think being single is not pathetic and is still quite a good lifestyle. One more thing to add, I don't respect people who just can't be single. There are people who have to be in a relationship; they have to have somebody, or else they just can't be happy.


Women, wear your badge of 'single-ness' proudly. I like being single. Getting involved is scary. Here's why:

1. you can no longer collect or give your number to the really hot guys
2. you have to get ready for huge disappointments (forgetten birthdays, holidays, etc...)
3. you can no longer trust your best friend. (you have to watch her out of the corner of your eye when with your man.)
4. you have to explain to your parents who the new guy is
5. no more eating two double cheeseburgers. Just a salad and water.
6. you have to pretend to like the cheesy gift he presented to you in front of everyone.
7. you have to stop your embarrassing habits.
8. you have to start calling yourself fat for recognition b/c he doesn't compliment you enough.
9. you cant wear the gramma panties anymore
10. you have to shave
11. you have to cook for two now
12. you have to deal with vicious rumors spread by his ex and her posse.
13. if you're nice to a male in public, he'll call it flirting and use it as his permanent defense in every argument.
14. He won't respect the cat.
15. He'll tell his buddies that you're stingy with the 'putty', but in fact, when you're in the mood, he's tiiired
16. you eventually have to deal with the break up
17. everyone wants to know how you two met, regardless how incredibly boring it was.
18. you have to put on your fake smile and endure 3 long hours of candy-coated insults or awkward silence when meeting his parents'.
19. After the breakup, your paranoia will convince you that he wants to torch the cat, thus causing you thousands in expensive therapy.
20. If your mother likes him and you two break up, she'll always refer to him as 'the one that got away.'
21. You have to start laughing at his jokes, regardless of how lame they are.
22. You have to hold your farts in"

10 Reasons To Stay Single

This article is dedicated to all the girls out there in "Singledom". Whoever said that single girls don't have more fun?

Relationships are all about compromise.Being single on the other hand, is all about being in control and taking charge of yourself.

You are the Queen of your domain. Being single allows you to be self-indulgent without the need to feel guilty.

Often when in relationships, girls become self-conscious about their body image.

Being single means you are no longer a slave to the way you look.

Single girls can stop worrying about their image 24 hours a day, as they have no one to please but themselves.

Relationships involve sharing and sometimes that means everything! Some guys are content to just share your chocolate with you, but when they insist on borrowing YOUR clothes, you know you're in trouble!The beauty of being single is that you don't have to share with anyone - it's all about you, you, and you baby!

Relationships mean loss of party-life.

Single life means partying to dawn!

You get to meet different types of people while mingling in different circles.

Being single is all about fun, spontaneity and even more fun! So what are you waiting for - Network girlfriend!

Single girls are footloose and fancy-free.

Being a free agent entitles you to see whom you want, when you want.

Being single allows you to flirt with a guy, without feeling guilty!

Rediscover your own body clock. Single girls should enjoy the freedom; answer to no one and do things in their own timeframe.

Remember that single life can be a headache-free, hassle-free, wonderful Life!

To those who dread being single, please don't. You're indepedent, strong and most importantly, free from problems and worries.

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