Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I thought I knew a decent number of things about relationships, since I've been in a couple, regardless of how dysfunctional they were and how immature I was back then. But I had definitely been living in a cave as far as relationships and dating are concerned. In the past month or so I've learned more about relationships and dating than I did my whole life. I've been learning through books(mostly. very very goo, EYE-OPENING books), my personal experience, other people's experiences as well as various other sources. I now have a brand-new outlook on relationships and dating. Things like that are pretty much subjective. There is no right or wrong, or good or bad. It's your own opinion and how you feel that matter. I am very glad I am learning and discovering things that I was never exposed to.
Moreover, I noticed that my outlook on happiness has change quite a lot. I am allocating my time to do things/activities that I never thought about doing, and they are looking good and promising. Well, and today I learned how to make IV bags. Completely unrelated but interesting stuff regardless.
Tomorrow I don't have to be up till 8am!! woot!

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