Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still Running

Even though I haven't updated this blog in a week and a half, I have been running. I didn't run Thursday and Friday of last week and Wednesday this week. I took those three days as rest days so that my muscles can properly repair and take a break. Running magazines suggest taking rest days as oppose to running every day.
6/6 - Lakeview 5K
6/9 - RVRR Summer Cross Country Series Race #1

These are the wo races I've run in the past several days. Now that I started running 5K races again (since high school), I have a better idea of what I can do to improve my time.

Running (among a few other things) makes me believe that I can handle everything on my own, and that I am one of the strongest people I know. With that kind of mentality, I can really get what I want while trying to live every day to the fullest and doing whatever that makes me happy.

I love running. It makes me complete.

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