Friday, July 31, 2009

I bought the perfect pair of running shoes yesterday at Lady's Footlocker at Menlo. I should've bought them a long time ago since I live 2 minutes away. I can't believe I went to all these other places to look for the perfect pair of Asics when the perfect pair was right here. argh! Well, $60 very well spent. My left thigh is almost completely fine now. I have been stretching a lot. Every night and before I run. I ran 3.5 miles yesterday because I was breaking into these new shoes and it was best not to run too much and ran between 4.75 - 4.9 miles today. I was so thirsty and hungry by the end of the run, or else I would have definitely reached 5 miles. It's really annoying. After four miles I am usually soaked, even my shorts are close to completely soaked. I know, it's gross. It's been so goddamn humid in New Jersey. WTF? And I become increasingly thirsty. However, there's no way I would carry water with me on runs. That's crazy. I don't even like carrying my purse to places. lol I don't like carrying things, period. On the days when I am lucky, I am able to find some random water fountains in some random buildings, such as the courthouse and the town library. The problem here is I usually go on my runs 8pm - 9pm and most of those places are closed by then. Oh well. I feel so hardcore. I got two runner's high's today. I love running. Even though I might not be the best/fastest or even something close to that, but I love running. I am in love with it. I don't care that I am taking 19 credits and having a job next semester, I am still running, at least four days a week. I can't live without it. It's not just a hobby anymore, it's my religion.
Speaking of religion, The Case for Christ is quite interesting. I gotta read it one more time just to clarify more things. Maybe I will even pick up The Case for Faith by the same author.
Tomorrow I don't have work. Someone is covering for me. I am going to read all day, then run, then possibly and most likely poker at night. I am looking forward to tomorrow.
Life is good.
P.S. This girl today was mad annoying. I kinda saw her only because my friend had to meet up with her for something. She was like..."Hey girls, guess what? I got a boyfriend! AHHHHHHHH! Oh oh, do you wanna see his picture??!?!?!" Then she proceeded to show us his picture that was on her phone. THEN proceeded to tell us how he confessed his feelings and that they're meeting up later. And looked at us three single girls like we're pathetic. Seriously girl, WTF? I am single by choice and definitely not pathetic. I am convinced most people think us single people are pathetic but I am really in a happy place right now. The thing that also pisses me off is that my friend was like oh look, ____ has a bf, ________ is taken, now you got a bf, J****(my name) is probably going to be next, what am I going to do? .........seriously, being 19 and single isn't bad.....

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  1. wet shorts isn't gross, that's arousing in a way :P
    and as long as you're happy, don't mind how others vew you my friend.