Saturday, July 4, 2009

This week has been like a roller coaster. Not an emotional roller coaster, but definitely some kind of crazy roller coaster. I will update later on this week, it's been crazy.

20 Questions :
1--Thing you cannot leave the house without ? clothes&shoes. other than that i can leave the house without anything.
2--Favorite Brand of makeup? i rarely put on makeup. maybe five times a year.
3--Favorite Flower ? roses are pretty
4-- Fav clothing store? it changes. i liked abercrombie&fitch a lot last year. now i only go scrubs shopping. lol
5--Favorite Perfume ? ive been using victorias secret body sprays for as long as i can remember.
6--Heels or flats ? heels are hot, but im not a fan of putting my feet through pain just to look pretty.
7--Do you make good grades ? well, i guess i still make acceptable grades. lol
8--Favorite colors ? for some reasons, most of my clothes are white, black and grey. but now i try to buy clothes of bright colors. i like green, pink, yellow, favorite color. lol
9--Do you drink energy drinks ? no. even though i am a running fiend i dont drink energy drinks.
10--Do you drink juice ? i could. but i rarely drink juice.
11--Do you like swimming ? yes. i used to swim at least once a week last semester.
12--Do you eat fries with a fork ? no. fingers.
13--Favourite Moisturizer? i only got one. st. ives. i have no skin care routine and do like nothing to my skin. thats why i got a herbal facial today. it was pretty amazing. hahaa
14--Do you want to get married later on in life ? i guess, eventually. truthfully i dont see myself getting married before im like 28. i also dont see myself having a wedding. when i do get married eventually, i just want to get married in vegas or just go to city hall. no wedding for me. im not a wedding girl.
15--Do you get mad easily ? not really. lately nothing or no one can get me mad. ive been very emotionally out.
16--Are you into Ghost Hunting ? no. dont believe in ghost.
17-- Any phobias? people phobias.
18--Do you bite your nails ? occasionally
19--Have you ever had a near death experience? no.
20--Do you drink coffee ?

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