Sunday, July 12, 2009

im trying to cut down time on facebook. today was pretty successful, but i know tomorrow i will be on it less.
i slept from midnight (fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow) to 11 this morning. wow.
did speed workout today at merill (or merril?) park today. first time since cross country season in senior year. im actually slightly sore today. my legs normally never ever get sore from anything, because theyre pretty strong. roflmao.
also today i scrunched my hair for the first time!!!! the result was so amazing that im doing it again tomorrow for work.
lastly, i agree with my friend in that every single girl needs an eye-candy. i definitely have one, although i dont really see him but i guess hes still an eye-candy. i guess i just dont mind guys who wear glasses. O_O and i actually like geekly guys. cool geeky guys, the ones that actually enjoy life. the ones that drink. ROFL. not excessfully, though, of course, socially and moderately. i always thought i know what qualities my ideal guy has. but i was far off the chart. i now have a different set of qualities for my ideal guy. i think ill stick to this one. but then again, it all depends on the guy, these are just the things that attract me in a guy. so.....ill blog this down, maybe ill look at it years from now to see what has changed. =)
my ideal guy
-he has to be intelligent. he doesnt have to get all As in his classes. heck, he doesnt even have to get all As and Bs, he can get Cs. academic grades dont indicate intelligence. they indicate how hard you work for those classes. my ideal guy should pass school, get a decent and USEFUL degree, pursue something that he's passionate about, or at least okay with. however, outside of school (or in school), he has to be intelligent. knows how to go about surviving in this society, deal with people, and such.
-he has to be content with himself. i dont want a guy who loathes himself, or a guy who has low self-esteem, or a guy who desperately wants to be someone else. those guys are soooo unattractive. he can be content with himself, but he cant be cocky.
to be continued....need to sleep now.

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