Saturday, July 11, 2009

i drove by roosevelt park about an hour ago. it was so beautiful. i wanted so badly to sit by the lake and just enjoy everything that this park has to offer. the ice skating rink and the tennis court are all lit up at night. therefore, its not like everything is totally dark after sunset. i drove into the park, parked my car, and saw a couple of couples (haha) sitting on benches. although i know they might think its sad that this girl is sitting by the lake all by her lonesome, i know that i will enjoy the scenary regardless of my single status and my lonesome. just because im single doesnt mean that i cant sit alone by a lake, an activities that couples tend to do. they cuddle, make out, chat, or whatever. i just sat there for about 2o minutes, clearing my head and being reflective. lol being a happy single means doing things that couples do, alone. im not going to miss out on things just because im single. this is the mentality that i have had in the past two years of my single life. and im glad i think like that, or else i wouldve missed out on so much! i had a great time sitting by the lake in the park. im considering doing that every day around 9 at night. its a good way to end a way. then ill go back home and go to bed at 10.
in other news,
1)black eyeliner and masara look amazing with my new gray eyes!
2) i started taking vitamins.
3) i need to try a new hair shampoo and conditioner. its bad if i use the same one for too long. my hair might get too accustomed to it.
4) reading is so good. reading stuff that i care about is good. i was determined to read hillary clintons autobiography, but i cant get through all the political stuff. reading everything before and including the chapter with bill clinton is good enough for me.
5) im hungry and am about to cook up some food.

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  1. lol funny, "being a happy single means doing things that couples do, alone." liar, u're gonna cuddle, make out, chat with urself, no wonder ppl on the benches must've thought it's sad :P