Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sooo tired. yesterday, i ran another race. as tired as i was, i still decided to go for it since i already paid the entrance fee. why waste money? lol it was definitely exhausting considering i got up at 5am and was on my feet all day and all that. surprising, i won 3rd place in my age group (18-24). although there were a lot of runners, there were probably only several people in my age group. so even though im not fast by any means, i still won an award. hahaha....
so i started working full time this week, since im done being trained. its pretty tiring and i feel like i dont have too much time to do much. argh! i got home around 9:30pm. i went shopping after work, and went to someones place and had dinner. good stuff. its now 10:07 and im about to go to bed.
i dont know whats going on with me this weekend. but i do know that i want to get drunk. as alcoholic as that sounds, i havent been drunk since rutgersfest. it feels like its been ages. *sigh*
when am i going skydiving?!

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